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     Le diverse verioni di XBOX 360 [GUIDA]

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    maladia folgorante perforante inguaribile

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    MessaggioTitolo: Le diverse verioni di XBOX 360 [GUIDA]   Sab 26 Giu 2010, 17:06

    Data di lancio
    approssimativa: Novembre 2005
    CPU: 90nm
    GPU: 90nm
    HDMI: No
    Alimentatore: 203w

    Console di "lancio" o del cosiddetto "Day One". Tristemente famosa per il RROD (Red Rings Of Death, il cerchio rosso della morte) problema che ha colpito non poche console, portandole alla morte prematura a causa del sistema di dissipazione della GPU.

    Data di lancio
    approssimativa: Luglio 2007
    CPU: 90nm
    GPU: 90nm
    HDMI: Si
    Alimentatore: 203w

    Edizione rivista della Xenon con porta HDMI. Nessuna soluzione per il problema RROD.

    Data di lancio approssimativa: Settembre 2007
    CPU: 65nm
    GPU: 90nm
    HDMI: Si
    Alimentatore: 175w

    Questa versione dell'Xbox 360 monta una versione diversa di dissipatore della CPU, più piccola. Essendo il problema RROD causato da un surriscaldamento della GPU la diminuzione del processo lavorativo della CPU a 65nm porta dei vantaggi

    Data di lancio approssimativa: Giugno 2008
    CPU: 65nm
    GPU: 90nm
    HDMI: No
    Alimentatore: 175w

    Questa versione della console è stata rilasciata dalla Microsoft come rimpiazzo per la mole di Xenon rese in garanzia a causa del RROD.

    This version was released to allow Microsoft to refit the old Xenon consoles
    that were returned with RROD issues with an updated version of the Falcon. The
    problem with the Falcon was it had HDMI support and yet the old Xenon never had
    HDMI when launched so the console case was incompatible. Microsoft had thousands
    of old Xenon consoles coming in and having to be replaced with brand new
    consoles while the old broken consoles just mounted up in storage. With Opus
    (Falcon minus HDMI) it was to allow refurbishing of these old consoles as and
    when RROD issues occurred. This reduces the number of old consoles to be
    scrapped and allows the replacement of the Xenon>Opus board rather than the
    entire console, thus saving Microsoft millions of £££ in not having to replace
    entire consoles (case and other parts).

    Launched Approx: September 2008 onwards
    CPU: 65nm
    GPU: 65nm
    HDMI: Yes
    Power Supply: Not Known

    The Jasper is the first proper attempt to combat the RROD issue by finally
    having a smaller, cooler and hopefully more reliable GPU. The issue of the RROD
    was the overheating and eventual disconnecting of the GPU and the Jasper should
    go a long way towards making the Xbox 360 a lot more reliable with regards this
    particular issue. As with all changes to the Xbox 360, Microsoft do not
    announce when they start releasing the updated machines so it is a matter of
    time before people start to discover it. Because of the cooler CPU and GPU and
    possible further reduction in power supply, it is believed that the internal
    cooling will be revised and as such will lead to a much quieter Xbox360.

    Launched Approx: Late 2009
    CPU: 65nm or 45nm
    GPU: 65nm or 45nm
    HDMI: Yes
    Power Supply: Unknown

    Valhalla is predicted to be the final (or at least scheduled) revision of the
    Xbox 360 before the next generation Xbox is launched. Apart from the
    possibility of the CPU and GPU being further reduced to 45nm reducing cost of
    production (which will help with price decreases in retail) it is believed that
    both the GPU and CPU will share the same piece of board together. The benefits
    of this (along with the reduced need for cooling systems with a much cooler
    45nm chip) is that the entire internal board within the console takes up a
    great deal less space (possible as much as 30% less) and as such the Valhalla
    could lead to an Xbox 360 Slim version. The console having a redesign and being
    far smaller in height or width. Due to the Hard Drive limitations it is believe
    that it will be shortened along its long length rather than its narrower width
    leading to a machine upto 30% shorter when stood upright.
    With a smaller design, smaller cooling systems and lower power supply it is
    believed this could be the most reliable, smallest and quietest of the Xbox 360

    Finding a Jasper:

    So how do you know if the Xbox 360 you're about to buy is a Jasper model or
    not? Well, there's one blatantly-obvious method, and that's to open the box and
    check the manufacturing date on the back of the console itself, it's shown in
    YYYY-MM-DD format. It's believed that consoles manufactured on or after August
    31st (2008-08-31) will feature the Jasper revision - though, this hasn't yet
    been confirmed. The later the console was manufactured after this date, the
    better the chance is that you may get a Jasper.

    If that process seems like too much hard work, there could be another way, too.
    Flip the box over, and you should find a flap with a serial number located
    beneath it. The serial number will be in the format LNNNNNNYWWFF, where the Y
    is thought to represent the year of manufacture, and the WW is thought to represent
    the week - if the theory is to be believed. August 31st translates to week 35,
    so you'd be looking for a serial number somewhere along the lines of
    LNNNNNN'835'FF. This is by no means a foolproof option but it could be worthy
    of consideration when making a purchase.

    Hopefully this will give people an idea of what has happened and is going to
    happen with the Xbox 360 and maybe people can refer to this thread whenever
    anyone asks what the difference is with a Jasper and a Falcon etc without
    having to explain several times


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    Le diverse verioni di XBOX 360 [GUIDA]
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